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About this website

A description about this website can be found here.

The overall intention of this repository is to collect and provide information about Formal Methods Tools which are under development. This initiative was taken in order to increase the professional appearance of tools supporting Formal Methods.

Unregistered users

Unregistered users can see all the available tools in this repository. A general table is given in the home page and details about each tool can be seen by clicking in the name of the tool. It is also possible for an unregistered user to search for a tool with specific features, by clicking in "Search".

In order to register in this website, one should click in "Register" and fill in the form appropriately. A description of the advantages of being registered is available below.

Registered users

After registered, the following actions are possible:

  • One has access to all the features that unregistered users have.

  • Manage tools by clicking in “Manage tools”. Here, it is possible to add, delete or edit a tool associated to ones own tools.

  • Add a news item in the website, by clicking in “News” and then “Add News Item”. The news item will not be directly published in the website. The administrator will decide if it should be published.

  • Change ones own profile.


This repository was built as a small project for the Formal Methods Europe (FME) by Adriana Santos and Carlos Vilhena. The maintenance is done by FME.

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